8 kwiecień 2021

Agreement On The Establishment Of The Commonwealth Of Independent States

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The founding states of the Commonwealth are the States that signed and ratified the agreement establishing the Commonwealth of Independent States of 8 December 1991 and the protocol attached to that agreement from 21 December 1991 at the time of the adoption of this Charter. A state that shares the objectives and principles of the Commonwealth and accepts the commitments contained in this Charter may also become a member of the Commonwealth by joining it with the agreement of all Member States. Several international organizations, human rights groups and outside observers have criticized the CIS and its member states for their human rights violations, the restriction of civil rights and the permanent detention or execution of politicians and dissidents. [7] From 18 to 19 September, the Council of State and Government, the Council of Heads of Government and the Council of Foreign Ministers met in Yalta to discuss a number of economic, social, humanitarian and military issues. Under the chairmanship of Mr N.T. Tanayex, Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Heads of Government signed an agreement calling for the cooperation of CIS member states in the field of international shipments through cargo tracing, a memorandum on cooperation in the field of international transport corridors and a declaration on transport safety in Member States. In addition, they decided to create a board of heads of government bodies to regulate the securities market. The free trade agreement removes export and import duties on a number of products, but also includes a number of exceptions that will eventually be removed. [79] At the same meeting in October 2011, an agreement on the basic principles of monetary regulation and monetary control of the CIS was also signed. [80] The CIS Charter is defined by the Council of Defence Ministers responsible for coordinating military cooperation between CIS member states. To this end, the Council is developing conceptual approaches to the military policy and defence issues of CIS member states; Proposals to prevent armed conflict on the territory of Member States or among participants; Opinions on draft treaties and agreements on defence and military development issues; Proposals and proposals to the CIS Council of Heads of State and Government.

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