10 Wrzesień 2021

Alexa Developer Agreement

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Our capabilities or portions of these features may be changed or updated at any time. In addition, our Terms of Use may change. You can find a link to this agreement on the know-how description page in the Alexa app or on the Alexa Store. Your continued use of our jurisdiction after changes to the Terms of Use or the Jurisdiction itself is deemed your consent to either. Our program. Our program (the „Program”) allows end users to purchase, download, and access software applications, games, and other digital products and services (for example. B amazon Alexa`s voice service (the „Alexa service”) and allows developers to access Amazon products and services in their apps and devices. „Applications” are software applications, games and other digital products that you transmit to us for sale, distribution or advertising through the Program, or with which you use Program Materials, and their enhancements, updates, troubleshooting, new versions and other modifications and additions. „Devices” are devices and device components that use programming materials. „Content” means your applications, all content, advertisements, services, technologies, data and other digital media contained in or provided through your applications or devices, as well as all product-related information (as defined in Section 7). You may provide an End User License Agreement („Developer EULA”) for each Application if it meets the requirements of this Agreement and is not contrary to this Agreement. For all mobile applications that you submit to the Program, you agree that the terms of our Amazon Appstore Terms of Use, which we set as the default end user license terms („EULA Default Terms”), apply to end users` use of your mobile applications and related content.

The STANDARD EULA terms stipulate, among other things, that you are the licensor of the mobile applications and that we are not parties to your AESE. In the event of a conflict between the EULA default terms and the developer`s EULA, the EULA default terms shall take precedence in the extent of such conflict. We assume no responsibility for compliance or non-compliance by you or any end user, in accordance with a developer`s EULA or the EULA`s default terms. Any dispute or claim regarding this Agreement (including Alexa`s Privacy Statement) or your use of the Services (including the Toolbar Service) will be resolved by binding arbitration and not in court, unless you can assert claims in small claims court if your claims are justified. This Agreement is governed by the Federal Arbitration Act and the Federal Arbitration Law. Requirements. You must meet the requirements of the Alexa device, which are located on developer.amazon.com/support/legal/alexa_device_requirements. Upon request, you grant us appropriate access to systems, hardware, software, and recordings related to your Alexa gadgets and your use of Alexa Gadgets materials so that we can verify your compliance with this agreement.

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