3 grudzień 2020

Author Agreement For Publication

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If there is no public repository and the datasets are too large to be transmitted online to the journal, the authors must provide the publishing team with two separate copies of this data in an appropriate format (for example. B CD or DVD) for peer reviews. [Creative Commons Section, if any] [Journalname] is issued under a license [the name of the Creative Commons license] to allow certain types of reuse without authorization. By submitting this agreement, the author agrees to apply a compulsory license to the presentation after the publication of a license [name of the Creative Commons license]. Authors` corrections (formerly Corrigenda) are evaluated on the basis of their relevance to readers and their importance to published recording. Authors` corrections are published after discussion between the editorial board, the editorial board and the publishing team. All co-authors must sign an agreed wording. A double publication is made when an author reuses essential parts of his own published work without providing the corresponding references. This can range from publishing an identical document in several magazines to „salami-slicing,” where authors add small amounts of new data to a previous document. The names of human participants and other HIPAA identifiers must be removed from all sections of the manuscript, including additional information.

The publication of additional information that may lead to the identification of a participant (for example. B clinical images and videos) must be obtained by written consent. A statement confirming that informed consent to the publication of identifying information or images has been collected must be included in the Methods section. The identification of images/videos/details whose authors are not expressly authorized to use must be removed from the manuscript. Please note that the use of coloured bars/forms to mask the eyes/face area of study participants is NOT an acceptable means of anonymization. Recordings must be made freely available to readers from the date of publication and made available to editorial staff and referees when the manuscript is presented. Scientific Reports does not require the authors of the journal to transfer the copyright of their original published research. Articles are published under CC BY license (Creative Commons Licence 4.0 International). The CC BY license allows for maximum diffusion and reuse of open access materials and is preferred by many research organizations. Under this license, users are free to share (copy, distribute and transfer) and remix (adapt) even for commercial purposes, provided they write the contribution in the manner indicated by the author or licensee (see the full law code). After the submission of a manuscript, correspondence with scientific reports, arbitrators` reports and other confidential documents, whether the submission is finally published or not, cannot be published on a website or published without prior authorization.

Editorial members may not discuss manuscripts with third parties or disclose information about correspondence and other interactions with authors and arbitrators.

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