22 wrzesień 2021

Halton District School Board Collective Agreement 2020

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In May 2001, the Association joined the Coalition of Educational Assistants of Ontario (CEAO). The Halton Instructional Assistants Association was established in May 1984 by a group of people employed as instruction assistants by the Halton Board of Education. The purpose of the informal association at the time of its establishment was to improve working conditions, to protect members from arbitrary or unfair treatment with regard to their employment and, more generally, to promote the economic and social well-being of its members. Our website shows how the Union supports its members. There is a lot of general information as well as the `what` and `how` of lifelong learning. Our members are graduates of university and university programs such as the Educational Assistant Diploma, Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Applied Arts (Early Childhood Leadership) and Autism & Behavioural Science Graduate Program, to name a few. In December 1997, the association moved into its first office on 3425 Harvester Road in Burlington. Since the mid-1980s, the government has supported the philosophy of including exceptional children in mainstream education. To meet the needs of these exceptional children, many types of resources and supports have been put in place. One type of support system is the assignment of a teaching assistant.

With effect from 4 September 2001, the name of the association was changed to halton District Educational Assistants Association, with members now designated as educational assistants. Access to most of this website is protected by a password used exclusively by HDEAA members. If you are an HDEAA member and have not yet received login instructions, use the contact links below. In December 1995, the members of the association voted to become a certified association. The certification was issued on December 11, 1995 by the Ontario Labor Relations Board. After seventeen months of negotiations, the first collective agreement was signed on September 23, 1997 between the then Board of Directors of Education and the Halton Instructional Assistants Association. . .


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