11 Grudzień 2020

Latecomers Agreement

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B. Public hearing. The local council holds a public hearing in accordance with the CMF 14.15.050. After reviewing the public notice, the City Council either provisionally approves the draft start-up agreement or withdraws the draft conclusion for further review and review by the City Council for further review and review. (1853 No. 1, 2014; 1845 No. 1, 2014. Previously 17.26.070) These „pre-existing” infrastructure works can be paid for by the local government or the original developer and funded by an endorsement. Under such an agreement, subsequent developments, which will eventually be linked to the new infrastructure, will pay a fee to the local government. When a private developer has paid for the new infrastructure, the local government transfers the levy to that original developer for up to 15 years from the date the work was completed. Eligible works include water, sewers, roads and drainage.

D. „construction costs,” the sum of all direct, indirect and administrative costs associated with the construction of road or procurement infrastructure. Direct costs include, but are not limited, these costs related to the construction of physical roads or supplies, as required by the city (. For example, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, roads, rainwater systems, hydraulic systems, sanitary sewers), installation and/or installation of streetlights, the installation and/or installation of signage, the purchase of priority rights and/or reliefs, fees for authorities, audit services, inspection, plan review and authorization, work, equipment, equipment rental and indirect costs include, among other things, the costs of preparing and monitoring construction (e.g. B planning services, engineering, surveying, legal services, detention costs and environmental protection). Administrative costs include, among other things, all costs incurred by the developer for the preparation and implementation of an endorsement and project management (e.g., office supplies. B, mailings, office services, telephone fees, accounting fees and project supervision). Administrative costs must not exceed 3% of construction costs. F. The post-execution agreement will be counted within 30 days of the final execution of the agreement with the Benton County Auditorium Office.

The city is responsible for registering the contract and the registration fee is the responsibility of the promoter. C. For all real estate related to a public service and/or road improvement systems for which an after-the-fact agreement is in effect and whose ownership has not been assessed or has not borne a reasonable share of the costs of such a public system, a connection fee is levied for late connections. The connection fee is at the discretion of the construction manager of a proportionate share of the costs, as stated in the post-agreement. The amortization fee is paid in full to the owner mentioned in the contract and the city receives an authorization to accept this payment before the connection to municipal services and/or road improvements. Within 20 days of receiving the post-agreement application, the City will decide whether the application is complete and whether the proposed improvements in the application are refundable. When the app is complete, the city will issue a written notification of the full application to the developer. If the application is incomplete, the city will notify the developer in writing of the additional information needed. The applicant has no more than thirty days from the date of the written notification to respond and provide the necessary information for the request. If the developer does not meet the above deadline, the city may reject the request.

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