12 grudzień 2020

Lra Agreement

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For overtime, an agreement between the employer and the employee is required. An LRA always depends on the specific agreement between a company and a hotel company. The agreements generally apply to a specific chamber category, z.B a double room for one person. Therefore, the guaranteed price is only available for rooms in this category. Unlike the law of some other countries, collective agreements between employers and unions are generally legally applicable. Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 („the LRA”) supports the primacy of collective agreements and emphasizes the need for organized work and businesses to regulate their relationships through collective agreements that must regulate the employer, union members and, if the union represents more than 50% of workers in the workplace, and if such an intention is established. non-union members in the workplace. Workers are entitled to at least 12 current public holidays under the Public Holiday Act. However, by appointment, a public holiday can be exchanged for another day. An agreement is also required to get an employee to work on a public holiday.

The double-wage wage (or normal salary plus paid leave) must be paid if the worker is working on a public holiday that falls on a normal work day. The most obvious alternative to an LRA is a non-loaded room availability agreement or NLRA. This agreement generally offers preferential prices to the company, but the hotel can increase prices if other guests book their room or at peak times, for example. B on public holidays. With the risk of paying more in the event of a late booking, companies under NLRA contracts generally pay a lower rate. South African law does not impose the minimum wage by law. As a general rule, wages are set by the employer or by collective agreements or by the worker`s employment contract. For workers who work more than 5 hours uninterrupted, a meal interval of at least one hour is mandatory. The meal interval can be reduced to 30 minutes per written agreement (for example. B in the employment contract) with the employee.

The tour guide and the hotel or hotel chain negotiate a final room availability contract and often include it in a company`s travel policies. The directive can therefore provide that workers can only book with a specific hotel company to benefit from the agreement. The sub-LRA agreement can be downloaded from the link below (in PDF format) BCEA recognizes a degree of flexibility in the organization of positions and hours of work. But they are also regulated – z.B. a compressed work week can be implemented by a written agreement to allow 12 hours of work (including meals) in one day.

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