15 grudzień 2020

Purchase Agreement Philippines

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(h) the execution, delivery and execution of this act by the seller were not violated with or without notice or over time; any provision that now applies to the VENDEUR and is not contrary to a provision of a licence, a franchise, creation, trust or other agreement, obligation or other obligations to which the VENDEUR is involved or may engage it, or which result in the creation of pledge rights, commissions or charges on any of the seller`s characteristics or assets, or result in non-compliance or performance of its obligations under that undertaking. CONSIDERING that the VENDEUR has agreed to sell, transfer and transfer the ACHETEUR to the ACHETEUR, and the purchase has agreed to acquire and acquire underlying shares from the VENDEUR, under the terms provided; This agreement replaces all prior discussions and arrangements between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement. These documents may be used regardless of whether the product sold or the goods sold are new or used goods. It also covers any type of sale, whether it is a single sale or several overtime shipments. As the transfer of ownership of the goods and because the money changes ownership, the best practice is to have included all the details of the understanding of the parties in a written agreement. This conciliation agreement is mandatory for heirs or successors as well as for the beneficiaries of the transfer and for any agent, recipient or executor of each party`s will. All direct costs of the arbitration process, including arbitrators` fees and fees and translation fees, are borne equally by the parties; other costs, including the fees of lawyers and witnesses, are borne by the party who bears the burden. Arbitrators are not entitled to waive, amend, amend, revoke or suspend the provisions of this agreement. An arbitral award of arbitrators is final and binding for the parties and is not the subject of any other appeal, and a decision upholding the award or judgment after the arbitration award may be referred or enforced by any competent court. This agreement can be denounced without judicial intervention: .

5. If the total price is paid in full, the VENDEUR/VENDOR signs and executes a DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE for the benefit of THE BUYER/VENDEE.

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