6 październik 2021

Sec Agreement Search

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How to Search For Listed Companies Learn how to quickly search for a company`s operating and financial information using EDGAR search tools. To search for corporate statements in the SEC database, including quarterly and annual reports, registration statements for IPOs and other offerings, insider reports, and proxy documents, use the search box below. See also our edgar full-text search. There are many moons (2006), I wrote here about Word Search Exhibition 10 submissions in the United States. The Securities and Exchange Commission`s EDGAR system. The SEC requires companies to submit their „essential contracts” to EDGAR using the term „Exhibit 10.” Figure 10 Submissions therefore represent a huge database that I would use to see how often a given usage occurs or how a particular problem is handled. But with the move to Lexis Advance, this infrastructure was abandoned. With Lexis, you can only browse all EDGAR listings as an undifferentiated mass through the EDGAR Online service. It`s useless.

(I checked directly at EDGAR Online, but they also don`t allow searching for exposure 10.) Edgar Full-text search In over 20 years, you can search for keywords and phrases with the new versatile edgar tool and filter by date, company, person, storage category or location. If you are looking for corporate statements, you should search EDGAR. A long-standing anchor of our research platform is our suite of SEC research sites by publicly traded companies.

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