7 październik 2021

Service Canada Forms Agreement To Administer Benefits

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If you are applying on paper, you must fill out 1 of the following forms that apply to your situation: qualified persons (for example. B a family member, friend, lawyer, social worker), agencies, non-profit organizations, and registered nonprofit communities may request to act as CPP, OAS, and/or GIS benefit administrators on behalf of individuals who are unable to: to manage their own affairs. if there is no authorized person or agency that has already been appointed under an Act of Parliament or a provincial Act to manage its affairs. This includes the management of CPP, OAS and/or GIS benefits on behalf of vulnerable and homeless older people, as well as other eligible beneficiaries. While the vast majority of authorized persons already receive their benefits, qualified individuals and organizations can request the management of CPP, OAS and/or GIS benefits on behalf of those who are unable to manage their own affairs. Through the Homeless Seniors Assistance Program, the Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that seniors in Canada receive the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS) and/or the Guaranteed Income Allowance (GIS) to which they are entitled. There may be vulnerable older people in our communities – especially those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and are unable to sort out their own affairs – who are not receiving the benefits for which they are eligible. For these seniors, third-party administrators act on their behalf to ensure they get their benefits.

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