8 październik 2021

Social Media Agreement Contract Sample

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Andy Bishop, president of marketing agency Thin Pig Media, recommended clarifying the number of hours a customer receives work. He explained: „Social media is very fluid and of course 24/7. It is important to have clear expectations in order to avoid problems in the future and let the customer know what they are receiving. Social media has become the most well-known way to get massive traffic to official and personal sites. Businesses are now using social media to generate new customers for their products and services. If, as a business owner, you also want your business to be promoted on social media, you need to enter into the social media contract with the marketing company or freelancer to benefit from marketing services. The draft contract on social networks is a legal document detailing the rights and obligations of both parties. The customer authorizes the distributor to use the work product in the distributor`s portfolio and websites, in galleries and in other media, as long as it serves to present the distributor`s work and not for other purposes. The distributor is not allowed to sell or use the work product to earn money or for other commercial purposes. The customer does not have the right to withdraw this license, even after the end of the contract. 4. It saves you money. You don`t need to hire a professional to check your contracts.

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