9 październik 2021

Storage Yard Lease Agreement

Autor: Anna Pilsniak. Kategorie: Bez kategorii .

This lease for the storage unit was entered into on [contract.date] by and between the parties to [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] (Owner) and [Customer.First Name] [Customer.Last Name] (tenant). The landlord does not assume or imply at any time the responsibility for the tenant`s property. In case of termination of this warehouse rental agreement, the tenant has 24 hours to remove all the property from the rented unit. Any property that remains in the unit after this period becomes the property of the owner. The garage rental contract is intended for any type of space that can be used for the storage or stopping of a vehicle. This type of contract is typical of use in condominiums or in any place where parking or storage space is limited…

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