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Test Sentences In Paragraphs S-6A Pronoun Antecedent Agreement 2

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This example is followed by a sequence of basic subject-verb-object sentences. The subject is him, the plot is to eat, and the object is the apple pie. In the first sentence, the subject and verb are in singular form, which is why it follows the subject-verb agreement. However, the second sentence is erroneous, because the singularubsuls do not correspond to the plural form. These verbal training exercise sets give you an idea of the application of the two subject-verb agreement rules. Rules form the basis of subject-verb concordance and may seem simple. But even native English speakers are sometimes confused with subject-verb agreement rules. It is therefore important to understand the rules and complete some subject-verb agreement exercises (for example. B of a worksheet for subcontractor agreements) is useful. Let`s look at the following examples of subject-verb correspondence: 338 S-5g Subject-verb agreement S-5g Who, The One, Who The relative pronouns that, who, that, and which take a singular verb when they refer to a singular noun, and a plural when they refer to a plural noun. ▶ In these songs, Lady Gaga draws on a camp tradition that ranges from drag queen cabaret to Broadway and disco. Born This Way critic Jody Rosen ▶ Scott Karp, who writes a blog about online media, recently confessed that he has stopped reading books. – Nicholas Carr, „Does Google make us stupid?” One of them is always followed by a plural noun, and if the noun is followed by whom or that, the verb should be plural.

 Ask ▶ Jaime is one of the speakers asking provocative questions. ^ Several speakers ask provocative questions. Jaime is one of them. Those who refer to spokespeople are the plural verb. .

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