11 październik 2021

The Purpose Of A Supplemental Agreement

Autor: Anna Pilsniak. Kategorie: Bez kategorii .

The third issue raised is the way in which a supplementary agreement is implemented. One way to avoid the above-mentioned problem – whether there is consideration or value for the agreement in an addendum – is to have that amendment enforced by the parties as an instrument. Second, the parties need to think about what lawyers call the „quid pro quo” of the cases. The thinking is what each party puts into the agreement, and that is what the court will impose if asked to do so. Normally, this is considered in terms of positive actions, the obligation to do something or pay for something. However, in this difficult market, this may include what we call indulgence: not doing something or not enforcing a right or requirement that would otherwise be enforced. It is more natural that this type of agreement should be elaborated with care. . . .

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