19 Grudzień 2020

Tsawwassen Final Agreement Act

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91. At the request of a contracting party, the contracting parties negotiate and strive to reach an agreement on the provision and management by a federal and provincial institution of health services and programs for persons residing in Tsawwassen Lands. 42. Tsawwassen First Nation may obtain delegated authority by agreement, including a legislative decision. 33. Subject to clauses 34 and 35 or an agreement under Clause 32, if Tsawwassen First Nation makes a written request to British Columbia, British Columbia and Tsawwassen First Nation, if any, the effects of the legislation or provisions relating to: Funding for programs and services that the Tsawwassen government is prepared to manage is provided by the budget financing agreement. which is renegotiated every five years and provides for tax transfers from Canada and British Columbia. These program transfers support and delivery service by Tsawwassen First Nation to its members and residents, as well as funding to support the implementation activities of the contract. The agreement provides for one-on-one funding: the single funding amounts to USD 15.8 million; Current funding for the first budget funding agreement will be $2.8 million per year. 155. Tsawwassen First Nation and Canada may negotiate and attempt to reach an agreement for Tsawwassen appointees to provide community correction services to adult members of Tsawwassen who have been released from a federal sentence or are subject to a long-term supervision order, including parole, temporary absence supervision or similar service in Canada. 3 The agreement is a treaty and a land agreement within the meaning of Articles 25 and 35 of the Constitution Act 1982. 29.

Subject to clause 35 or an agreement under Term 32, before British Columbia introduces legislation in the B.C. legislature or before the Lieutenant Governor of the Council approves a settlement, British Columbia will communicate the First Nation in writing if: 3) A copy of the agreement or tax treatment agreement issued by the Queen`s Printer is proof of that agreement and its content. , and a copy to be published by the Queen`s Printer is deemed published, unless the opposite is posted. 125. At Tsawwassen First Nation`s request, British Columbia will negotiate an agreement and attempt to reach an agreement allowing the Tsawwassen government to establish standards for buildings or structures that are similar or different from the standards set out in the British Columbia Building Code. 25. Contracting parties may negotiate and attempt to enter into agreements on one of the subjects covered in point 26 or 27, but an agreement under these clauses is not a precondition for the exercise of legislative authority by the Tsawwassen government and this power may be exercised immediately after the six-month notice under clause 23.

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