19 grudzień 2020

Ucc Control Agreement

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An admission by the custodian bank that DACA must certify the lender`s „control”; A statement from the deposit-making bank that the accounts concerned are „deposit accounts”; An agreement by the deposit-taking bank not to change the name or number of the deposit account without the lender`s written consent; An agreement between the deposit bank and the borrower to notify the lender before the closing of the deposit accounts and allow the lender to adopt a new DACA for all deposit accounts in which the borrower could defer cash security; and – An agreement of the deposit bank to subordinate all the pledge fees it has to the account and waive its right of clearing on the deposit account, with the exception of the amount of deposits credited to the account that are not repaid and the ordinary service charges charged by the deposit bank. This agreement is „an agreement between the bank and its client on the deposit account” within the meaning of uCC No. 9-304 (b). The provision of the bank`s jurisdiction for the purposes of the Single Code of Commerce in this agreement is the control in the event of a conflict between that agreement and any other agreement between the bank and its client that governs [the account]. In a „blocked” control agreement, DACA provides that the borrower does not have access to the funds of the (s) account and that the lender has full control of the funds. However, in most cases, DACA provides that the borrower has free access to deposit accounts until the deposit bank receives an exclusive notification of control from the lender. As a general rule, such disclosure can only be made by the lender if the borrower is late for the underlying loan. Such an agreement is commonly referred to as a „springing” control agreement, since the lender`s control of the account only takes effect after defined events. Once such a notification has been made, the deposit bank will stop following the borrower`s instructions regarding the deposit account (s) and will begin to follow the lender`s instructions and only with them. Either a large number of controls – blocked or suspended – are sufficient for control and perfection under the UCC. In the case of a leaping DACA, the lender would prefer that the custodian bank receive notification of the exclusive control and instructions of the lender, the custodian bank will execute it immediately.

However, the deposit bank often needs a few days between receiving such notification and implementing the lender`s instructions.

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