16 październik 2021

Which Of The Following Categories Require A Privileged-Level Access Agreement Quizlet

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Get a free personalized 60-minute online tutoring session for each subject of all levels from the best university tutors! only registration required!. Description: Designed for use in conjunction with annual DoD cybersecurity training, this course outlines additional cybersecurity responsibilities for users of DoD information systems whose access rights are greater than those of an authorized user. The course identifies key terminology that describes the increased rights of users, the specific ethical and legal responsibilities for cybersecurity of a privileged user, and the responsibilities of a privileged user`s DoD public key infrastructure (PKI). The general cybersecurity responsibilities and restrictions of privileged users include: reporting obligations, restricted and prohibited acts, protection of sensitive information, and the consequences of non-compliance. The „PKI Responsibilities of Privileged Users” section of the course contains general rules for the use of PKI credentials by privileged users, as well as general configuration guidelines for enabling public keys for doD information systems. The course focuses on the use of appropriate PKI tokens by privileged users for PKI identification and authentication, as well as ensuring that the system correctly assigns PKI certificates to an account with a set of associated permissions. The training describes the seven levels of sensitivity that the DoD has defined for sensitive unclassified and secret information. These sensitivity levels are used in combination with environments from which users can access information to determine acceptable types of credentials based on credential strengths. System Requirements: Check if your system is configured to use STEPP accordingly. Scan our work with all plagiarism check tools, the result will always be 0%. Compare our price. Our services are of the highest quality and the lowest price, guaranteed.

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