15 kwiecień 2021

Wisp Agreement

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CHANGE OF SERVICE. Subscribers can change their wireless internet plan/wireless Internet access speed without violating the terms of this agreement. Implementation of the amendment may require an amendment fee. The service charge for a change of service is $99.00. Excess wiring and multiple workstation moves cause normal hourly rates that go beyond the $99.00 base fee for device movements. During the period of change of equipment and re-establishment of service, there will be no early termination fee. ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS. Where a party has commenced an action against the other party to enforce the provisions of this agreement, the dominant party is entitled to recover reasonable legal fees and fees from the non-dominant party. If the provisions of this Agreement are deemed illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions of this Agreement will not be invalidated. This contract replaces all previous agreements, written or written. In the case of legal actions arising from or in connection with this agreement, including the non-payment rights of the sums pending here, Park County, Montana is the exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction for this action and this agreement is interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Montana. WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS AGREEMENT This online agreement is entered into by and between you, the subscriber (subscriber) and WISPWest.net LLC (provider) with offices in 1014 West Park #4, Livingston Montana 59047, to define the conditions under which the provider will provide wireless Internet service.

IT`S DOWN TO EARTH. In accordance with this agreement, the provider will provide the subscriber with the selected wireless Internet service plan agreed upon at the time of installation. SERVICE DELIVERY. The speed of connection to the wireless internet (depending on the plan selected) is measured between the location of the subscriber and the provider`s point of access. Connection speeds may be lower under high internet usage conditions. Actual data transmission or actual throughput may be less than connection speed due to Internet overload, server or router speeds, protocol overheads and other factors that cannot be controlled by the provider. Incentive: We do not tolerate any behavior that leads to repeated attacks of DDoS. Although some DDoS attacks are random, most attacks seem to target online game participants because of their behavior/voice communication within the game. When playing online, multiplayer games, we advise you to be respectful and avoid participating in parties and communicating with players with whom you are not familiar. If you receive multiple DDoS attacks on your IP address, we can, at your own discretion, assign a static IP address ($9.95/month) to your account and ask you to stop all DDoS assistance activities. If not, we can terminate your services.

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